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Tenured Faculty with Specialized Training

Each training program is led by a master teacher and complemented by other highly-trained faculty members. Students are not only supported by mentor teachers but our staff is here to serve you before, during, and after training.  Our admission counselors (also highly skilled yoga teachers!) are always available to support you; from guiding you to the right programs, to assisting you with payment options. They are committed to assisting you through your trainings and even after graduation to help you advance your career as a teacher.


Props Therapeutic Yoga

Props can serve several functions in a therapeutic context. In their supportive role props can support the entire body in an asana or support the various parts of the body that require rest. Often the poses that are considered to be most beneficial for a particular condition may not be attainable to the patient due to physical restrictions or lack of strength. The props can render some of the most advanced poses accessible to beginning, injured or disabled practitioners